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The Excellence of Team Work Towards Success

Florida Keys – Colorado Canyon – Napa – Orlando, all these destinations are fantastic, famous, and successful, but have you ever thought why?

There are countless beautiful places to visit in the US, mysterious destinations that are worth a million dollars to stay. But, why do some places have the ability to attract millions of visitors per year?

There are 3 main reasons: 1. Infrastructure, 2. Visibility, and 3. High-Quality Services

Who is responsible for those 3 main attributes?

We have been asking and investigating with several property managers about why their destinations are so famous and successful, and most of them agree that the main reason is that it all started with a political decision. 

Local authorities bet on those places to transform and promote tourism, and then the businesses opened and started to fill the demand.

It does not only depend on local authorities or politics. Right after the decision is taken, the whole responsibility remains in the hands of the professionals in the sector.

Professionals need visibility to promote and sell their products. Having a professional website and places where to sell and promote their products are critical, sometimes even through partnerships with OTAs or tour operators. The idea is that a product can´t be consumed if no one knows about it.

The US market, in my opinion, is the master in terms of marketing. The biggest marketing machine and source of publicity in the world is Hollywood. They may be responsible for 80% of the tourism success in the US, just by producing films that tell stories about a city or place that must be seen.

It has 2 purposes, educational but also promotional.

You can ask why Las Vegas has become internationally known as one of the best places to get Married? 

I looked on the internet and found this:  “Las Vegas is a popular wedding spot, and for very good reason: iconic chapels, speedy marriage licenses, and out-of-this-world venues. Whether your heart is set on a minimony (with 10 people or less), a micro wedding (up to 50 guests) or you’re planning an elopement, there’s a Vegas ceremony with your name on it”.

Great but what was first? The marriage industry and its offerings or the media that pushed the industry?

I guess the question isn’t that hard to answer. 

For me, the key to success which acts like a catalyst between infrastructure and visibility is the organization that supports the travelers and consumers – the hospitality industry.

This is why Infrastructure, Visibility (generate Demand) and Service (sales) are all so important.

The last chain link is the hospitality industry. Property managers provide infrastructure and the logistics that makes the travelers visit possible. It used to be the mission of hotels, but property managers have become the experienced providers now. The high-quality service they provide guarantees that the traveler will enjoy and spread the experience by word of mouth.

The success of any marketing strategy is that guests expectations were met, and exceeded where possible. This is what gets people to tell their family and friends how fantastic their journey was.

Even if the role of the property manager is the last one, it is the most important, because their success will bring more people. As time goes by, travelers will need more services and will ask for better quality services, and little by little this is how a place that first built a theme park or tourist attraction evolved and became one of the world´s most visited destinations, like Orlando. We can’t forget the place to be in December when we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to the New Year – Key mWest, visit  Or the amazing sunsets of the Grand Canyon, where you can discover for 10 minutes a vast range of colors (approximately 1 million) which words can hardly describe.  

If you accompany this amazing experience with the flavor and taste of a Californian wine, then Napa is the place to go. Taking a look at this website  you can see how well structured this place is, and how well the tourism industry and processionals did. 

We, the software companies, are proud to be part of this amazing success, to have been able to provide to the professionals the tools they needed and used to grow and expand.

Pioneer companies like Avantio have been in the tourism business for more than 20 years. We have seen the transformation of this sector, and we are now seeing a new cycle, a new time, in our opinion a new opportunity – opportunity to grow and transform the industry.

Together again, hospitality professionals and technology artisans, we will move forward to the next step, to revamp and reopen with more and better technology.

It is motivating and empowering, and we will continue pushing together with the industry to evolve and promote as many tourist destinations as possible, playing the right role, providing the best technology and services.

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