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18 Nov 21 Business tips

Data-driven management of your short-term rental business

Boost your revenues, increase occupancy rates and improve your distribution network based on data specific to the vacation rental industry.  It&#...
4 Nov 21 Uncategorized

15 Vacation Rental Metrics and KPIs For Professional Property Managers

What’s the short-term rental industry without data? For property managers and owners that don’t track vacation rental metrics and KPIs, the future...
2 Nov 21 Business tips

8 Property Management KPIs That Will Help Your Business Excel

There’s nothing more discouraging than giving your all to a business that won’t grow or improve no matter what you do. Fortunately, property...
27 Sep 21 Business tips

Sustainable Tourism Statistics: 2021 Ultimate List Statistics and Trends

As cities reopen, and we gradually return to pre-pandemic normalcy, sustainable tourism statistics show that an environmental and ethical revolution t...
19 Aug 21 Business tips

Sustainable Vacation Rental: 8 Simple Ways to Go Green

In the last couple of years, global events have changed the way that we travel and the way we consume. While mass tourism...
5 Aug 21 Business tips

Damage Insurance for Vacation Rentals: A Complete Guide for Property Managers

In an industry that’s driven by frequent guest turnover and a broad range of clients, the only thing that really protects professional property...
26 Jul 21 Business tips

These 5 Tips Will Help Boost Your Vacation Rental Profitability

When it comes to running a successful business in the vacation rental industry, both revenue and profitability are factors that need to be...
2 Jul 21 Business tips

Vacation Rental Statistics and Trends [Updated List for 2021]

Trends have changed dramatically in the last year, so we wanted to uncover the truth about what’s really going on in the vacation...
1 Jul 21 Business tips

Vacation Rental Marketing Plan: The Ultimate Luxury Rental Playbook

Luxury rentals require a different marketing strategy from the rest of the vacation rentals industry. You’re dealing with some of the most exclusive...
15 Jun 21 Business tips

Video for Vacation Rentals: 9 Video Tips and Tricks Every Property Manager Should Know

If you’ve ever researched a destination online, you’ll know that videos are the best way to get a sense of the place. Whether...

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