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WomeninTech Community, powered by Avantio

Avantio is a team of 103 multi-nation professionals with one common goal: provide our clients with the tools and service to scale their short-term rental businesses. 

20 years after its conception, Avantio now has 37 women in the team. Today we launch the “5aweek” initiative – 5 profiles of female colleagues who are an inspiration each day and play crucial roles right throughout the company. 

Alexia Zottu – Head of Customer Care at Avantio

I began at Avantio just over 5 years ago and discovered the fascinating world of technology.

When I took up the challenge to coordinate the customer care team I knew that if I had done so, it was because I knew that there were people who were backing me and had confidence in my abilities, and I wasn’t going to let them down. 

Thanks to my desire to constantly learn and the great support from so many colleagues who have shared their knowledge and wisdom, I am capable of leading a strong team like we have in the Customer Care department at Avantio. 

If I have to summarise the “secret formula ” in 3 words, for someone who wants to enter the world of technology, they would be: inquisitiveness, communication and commitment. The attitude which you apply to whichever situation likely determines the outcome. 

Barbara Charpentier – Head of Website Development 

I’m a Project Manager and Head of our Websites Development team and I’ve been with Avantio 2.5 years. I manage the website creation for the French Market and coordinate the Web team in the various projects, developments and initiatives that we have. 

We’re a team of 12 and over the course of a year we create over 150 websites and manage over 3500 tickets, as well as constant developments and system updates – a constant challenge!

At university I studied International Marketing and Communication. It was in Avantio that I started working in tech and where I really began to learn and train myself in technology and its endless possibilities!

The capacity to adapt has been the  biggest learning and growth for me, both in terms of the variety of tasks and projects and the variety of profiles and projects that customers have.

Juggling many different projects and initiatives is challenging but fun at the same time,  and  it gets easier with time

The evolution and pace of change in tech is very fast, so I’d say for people looking to work in tech then it’s crucial to continue to learn and train and not to be afraid of new challenges and tasks and I think that’s what I like about my job the most – it’s impossible to get bored!

Elena Cubells – Product Manager

In Avantio I am now a Product Manager, although previously I have worked in both Customer Care and Partner Success. I consider service as my vocation and in my current position I have found the perfect balance that I needed – being the bridge between the clients and the tech team.

My career path has always been aligned with the tourism industry in various forms, but it was never directly in tech. Working in Avantio I’ve had the fortune right from day one, to learn from different teams about the technological side of tourism and it’s led me to this new chapter, in Product, which I am really passionate about.

I’d say one of the best lessons I’ve learnt is never take anything for granted or as read. If something doesn’t suit, try something else, ask, and demand more.

Since my background is in customer services I see how I can help the client implement new tools/functionalities and improve the existing ones. It’s energising and very interesting. And of course, tech is the present and the future, and we can automate some many tasks now and save a lot of time and resources in doing so. And we’ve a great team here which makes my job a real pleasure every day I come to work.

Jennifer Urbas – Customer Care

I’m part of the Customer Care team, working in the English speaking market and I’ve been in the company for nearly 2 years now. My team is a really fantastic mix of nationalities and we have a really nice ambience and working environment, characterised by the rich variety of nationalities and cultures that we have.

Recently, I’ve assumed more responsibilities, taking on the post of “super user for websites”. This implies being the link between my department and the Web department.

I’ve studied international business and I was working several years in an international company from the USA in the chemical sector, in their Belgian office, but chose to move to Valencia.

Apart from improving my knowledge and command of languages, I’ve considerably improved my knowledge of technology, in particular of the online booking website aspect and that’s why I chose to play a bigger role in this department.

I think that the key is to have an interest in the world of tech and also be motivated to constantly learn and evolve, since it’s a really fast moving sector and always changing, especially in the vacation rental sector!

Inés Pereira – Onboarding and Training department

I began in Avantio in the Business Development Department in the Portugese department and then became the Head of Business Development for Portugal, where I learned so much and really grew as a professional, in particular as regards to the responsibility that being the account manager for your clients involves.

Just recently I decided to take on a new challenge and a new role, to form part of the Onboarding and Training team and I really love it. I’m learning a whole new set of skills and processes.

My professional training is in Administration and Finance, which although is not directly related with technology in itself, hasn’t stopped me from learning, understanding and thriving in a tech-focused company and sector.

I think that working in tech and in Avantio is wonderful, as there’s always something new to learn. Curiosity and involvement, especially with regards to the relationship between technology and the sector, are both key so as to help clients and your own colleagues, both in your own department and in others.

Boost your vacation rental business with the Vrbo listing strategy

Possibility of Vrbo listing through Avantio

Avantio and Vrbo are old work mates. We have been working together and providing the best technology for our mutual customers for over 6 years. Our clients increase their bookings with Vrbo listing strategy.

Both companies have a preferred partnership program where we established high quality technology and customer service standards in order to promote each other, and at the same time provide the best service available with the best results to existing customers.

Cooperation among partners is a Win-Win-Win  (our genuine triple-win) formula that incorporates the final customer (Property Manager) as a beneficiary of both companies’ investments into resources and technology to raise visibility and booking conversions on the Vrbo platform.

Our partnership is based on fundamental rules that involve cooperation at a technology level, as well as services satisfaction KPI´s and education to our mutual customers.

For this reason, Vrbo and Avantio regularly perform global and local events to present new market solutions, as well as new technology and advances that both companies are working on to promote and improve our customers visibility in the Vacation Rental Market.

Many of our customers publish their properties on several platforms, but obviously results are different since every platform has different types of customers, strategies and technologies, but Vrbo listing will definitely increase the visbility of your accommodation.

Vrbo and Avantio have been working together at a technological level to improve the quality of communication between each other, introducing several market game changers like “consistency pricing” where from the 1st step to check the price is always the same, multi units, credit card payments etc…

Vrbo listing in number

The synergy and cooperation that both companies have been developing for the last 6 years  has brought great results to our customers.

More than 2 million bookings through our platform and approximately three hundred million US$ sales over this period, and these figures are increasing year after year.

Last but not least, bookings and sales are not the only benefits for both parties – the main benefit is the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty to both brands.