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Receptio powered by SysPay’s industry leading partnership with Avantio PCI Wallet, now brings tailor-made automated solutions exclusively for Avantio clients, guaranteed to save money and time whilst reducing risk of fraud.

Avantio PCI Wallet continues to enable PCI compliant payments. However from now the PCI Wallet will provide a number of extra essential features through SysPay Premium which protect vacation rental agencies whilst saving a significant amount of manual and financial resources. These extra features are now available for all companies registered in Europe, and will be available for those outside of Europe in the future.  For more information and all the details about Syspay Premium, please check our support page.

Save with streamlined online payments from SysPay and Avantio PCI Wallet

The new collaboration offers the following cost-saving features with SysPay Premium:

  • Automated one click process to collect payments. If you work with HomeAway or, you currently have to manually make each and every payment and update your records individually which adds up to hours of wasted resources. This feature completely resolves this problem, saving your agency precious hours of time and significantly increasing security.
  • Access to a booking verification module which identifies risky bookings. There is a financial cost when bookings are made with stolen or high risk cards. This can include a loss of income if a client doesn’t show-up and bank charge-backs. This feature reduces this financial loss through access to vital information, to enable you to make informed decisions.
  • Payments for additional services can be taken using the same credit card details. You can add value to your client relationship and increase additional sales by creating a smooth, easy process for selling highly profitable services such as local tours.
  • Allows the deposit to be blocked directly through the Avantio software at the beginning of the stay. At check-out, if no damages are reported, the blocked funds are automatically released so the card can be charged without hitting its payment threshold. As this is an automated process, significant time is saved for your agency whilst protecting your properties from damage.

Now the payment collection process has been automated within the Avantio vacation rental management software (VRMS) to create significant savings for your agency.

SysPay Premium analyses every credit card payment – essential for vacation rentals, due to two factors:

  • Loss of income and the cost of bank charges ‘chargebacks’, when receiving a booking made with a stolen/ fraudulent card.
  • Loss of income from guests who fail to arrive: when payments are made using pre-paid cards without sufficient funds to cover the outstanding payment.

By registering to see the Card Risk, vacation rental agencies can see this risk assessment of every credit card payment and choose whether to continue with the booking. So now with the Avantio PCI Wallet you don’t just receive credit card payments in a PCI compliant way, but also save significant money and time.

This launch sees the first partnership of SysPay with a vacation rental software, indicating a new era of payment protection within the industry on a grand scale. With years of industry experience and a PCI-DSS level 1 rating, the Avantio and SysPay partnership offers a complete payment service through the Avantio PCI Wallet.

If you have questions about Avantio PCI Wallet with SysPay, SysPay Premium, or any other aspect of the Avantio Vacation Rental Management Software, please don’t hesitate to contact us.