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As part of our ongoing commitment to our property managers, we have reviewed and improved several areas of security across our Vacation Rental Software.

New safety measures from April 2016

With ongoing concerns of data security, we constantly look for ways to keep your data safe in conjunction with the latest PCI DSS (the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) recommendations.

SSL Certificate

An approved SSL Certificate has been added to the entire Vacation Rental Management Software. This secures the data passed between your computer and our Vacation Rental Management Software offering more protection for your customers.

Data logging

A new mechanism which logs all activity on the Vacation Rental Management Software has been put in place. This can be used in the case of foul play to identify the cause.


Accounts which are inactive for a long period of time will be deactivated. This is to prevent unauthorised users accessing accounts.


  1. New requirements for characters used in new passwords. These are to prevent hackers guessing easy passwords.
  2. Improved encryption of how we store your passwords. This is to prevent hackers stealing your passwords.
  3. New processes for Password recovery and New user password generation. This ensures that your passwords are securely created by you on the Vacation Rental Management System.
  4. A new process which requires you to change your passwords more frequently. This is to prevent stolen passwords being usable after a period of time.
  5. A new security process which will restrict access to the account for 30 minutes after six attempts with the wrong password. This is to prevent hackers trying to access your account using computer generated passwords.
  6. A new process which requires users to re-sign into the account if the account is idle for a long period of time. This is to prevent unauthorised people accessing your account while you are signed in.

The majority of these improvements are behind the scenes, so they are detailed above for your information.

For additional information on how to improve data security within your Property Management company, please read our series of security blog posts on SSL Certificates, Passwords, PCI Wallet and PCI guidelines.

For more information on the PCI DSS guidelines, please see their extensive library.