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Avantio x Breezeway

There are so many variables to consider in property management – unique properties, unpredictable scheduling, multiple locations, and frequent service requests – short-term operators often struggle coordinating operations. Yet operations have a meaningful impact on a company’s brand, and managers who don’t build strong housekeeping and maintenance programs can find themselves exposed to unprepared units, disgruntled guests, and owner issues.

Solving this problem for our customers and prospects is very important to us, which is why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Breezeway! Breezeway is an property care system platform that helps hospitality operators automate cleans, inspections, and maintenance repairs, making it easy for managers to deliver the best experience to guests and owners. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Breezeway’s Founder & CEO, Jeremy Gall, to learn more about one of the fastest growing software companies in the property care system. 

Avantio: Tell us about Breezeway’s story in the vacation rental sector? 

Jeremy: Prior to Breezeway, I founded a company called, and grew it into one of the leading vacation rental listing and review sites (before TripAdvisor’s acquisition in 2013). In working with thousands of managers I saw that guests were starting to demand higher quality property conditions, branded experiences, and more concierge offerings. This trend really excited me, and I was convinced it would shape the future of property management.  It was with this thesis that Breezeway was born, and we’ve been on a mission to power the future of property care system ever since. 

Avantio: Why is it so important for vacation rental managers to have strong property care system including housekeeping and maintenance?

Jeremy: Today’s travelers expect five-star hospitality experiences, leaving very little room for error. Ensuring quality properties and concierge service for your guests requires managers to dial in their property care programs. Managers who operate the ‘old-school’ way are likely manually scheduling jobs from reservation reports, using paper checklists to perform quality assurance and communicating issues and statuses through disorganized text and email threads. These workarounds make it near impossible to avoid missed cleans and maintenance tasks, which inevitably lead to guest complaints and negative reviews. In an age where the brand has never been more important, managers need to put their best foot forward to maximize the guest experience. 

Avantio: How does Breezeway’s property care system integrate with Avantio?  

Jeremy: The integration automatically syncs property details and reservations from Avantio into Breezeway’s dashboard. From there, property managers can leverage Breezeway’s property care system to seamlessly coordinate cleans, inspections and maintenance repairs, ensure quality work at every property, share comprehensive reports with owners, and implement asset management and preventative maintenance programs. 

Avantio: So, what are the benefits that Avantio users can expect with Breezeway?

Jeremy: Supercharging Avantio’s PMS system with Breezeway drives many benefits, including: 

  • Reduced guest complaints, more repeat stays, word-of-mouth referrals
  • Significant time savings on coordinating cleans, inspections, & maintenance jobs
  • Drastic reduction in internal confusion about task status and property readiness
  • No more emergency maintenance repairs and reduced equipment downtime
  • Fewer missed cleans, call backs, and botched repair jobs
  • Additional billable work, better owner retention, and more service offerings
  • Better acquisition tools to scale your property management business

Avantio: What is your prediction on how the industry will evolve in the next three years? 

Jeremy: Travelers will continue to fluidly shop between hospitality segments and expect the same quality experience whether they stay in a vacation home or a hotel. In the next few years we will see more emphasis on hotel-like concierge services. Since OTAs have leveled the playing field for marketing, managers will swim downstream to deliver positives brand awareness and property services. Deeper service offerings will become the biggest opportunity for managers to build their brand, win repeat guests, and gain a real competitive advantage.