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Meet Pricelabs, who are participating at all the Partnership event locations (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal) and find out more about an innovative and easy to use revenue management tool for the vacation rental industry!

A great tool, so that the vacation and short term rental agencies can prepare a pricing strategy for their properties and set the best rates per night based on supply and demand trends.

Could you please tell us the add-on value of connecting with Pricelabs.

PriceLabs is a powerful revenue management & dynamic pricing solution for vacation and short-term rentals. A data-driven approach, automation rules, and customization to manage pricing and minimum-stay restrictions help vacation rentals increase revenues and save them hours in the process.

The customization options layer on top of market data helps you automate things like cascading minimum stays (e.g., lower min-stay as date gets closer, reduce min-stay to fill gaps), last-minute discounts, orphan gap discount/premiums while still giving you great control over your pricing strategy.

What has Pricelabs prepared to share with our mutual clients at the Avantio Partnership this year?

We will be talking about the importance of changing prices based on supply and demand. And the features of our tool.

What is Pricelabs most excited about participating in the Avantio Partnership?

Meeting all the customers and property managers to learn how they operate; visiting the great locations and interacting with the Avantio team!