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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new industry leading PCI solution to credit card crime, PCI Wallet. We have worked together with a leading technical company to create a product which will reduce risk of credit card data theft from your vacation rental property company.

Credit Card Data is a hot topic in the hospitality industry right now, as hacking is rising at unprecedented levels, leaving your vacation rental property company and your guests at risk.

Customers continue to be nervous about giving credit card information online, with yearly increases in web crime. In 2014, over 38% of major security breaches were in the travel and hospitality sector*. Providing guests with reassurance on what happens to their information is a boost to any vacation rental property company.

But it’s not only your customer which needs protection. Any holiday rental property company handling credit card information is a target for cybercrime, leading to financial loss through fines, court cases and compensation, significant embarrassment and damage to your hard earned brand. So holiday rental property companies need to protect themselves too.

Avantio vacation rental management software offers PCI solution with PCI wallet

In the hospitality industry, some major portals are leading the way by making mandatory rules for vacation rental management software providers which ensure that information is transmitted and stored in a PCI compliant way.

Our solution

Our PCI Wallet receives your customers credit card data directly and securely from the portal. You can access your customers credit card data in order to arrange payment from the bank, without any data being transmitted or stored on your computer.

Channel Manager PCI Wallet

Stay protected

When you use the Avantio PCI Wallet, your customers and your company are protected, with some great benefits, including:

  • the responsibility of information storage is no longer a burden.
  • the risk of credit card data being hacked from the agency’s data storage and resold, leaked or used as leverage is reduced.
  • the risk of fines, embarrassment or prosecution for data theft or not being compliant is diminished.
  • your customers credit card information is safe.

Contact us for more information.

If you would like more information on becoming PCI compliant, check the PCI library.

Source *2015 Data breach Investigations Report by Verizon.

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