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Avantio Owners intranet can help reduce the complicated procedures of running a vacation rental business. These procedures involve many interested parties, from cleaners, to owners to accountants to guests. Keeping everyone informed with the operational information that they need in real time, whilst providing privacy and security to guest data can be time-consuming and difficult.

Avantio’s Owners Intranet was well received at launch in 2008 and we have recently made significant improvements. We hope these will add value to your business relationship with your vacation rental property owners. The Avantio Owners Intranet offers your vacation rental owners easy yet password secure access to essential detailed information, relevant to them. This will help them stay informed about their properties giving them information to aid them grow their profitability, and their businesses as a whole.

Avantio Owners Intranet offers clear information to vacation rental property owners

The new information includes:

  • ‘Reports – Management – Occupancy percentage by month’ – Searchable and exportable details of guest reservation periods, property unavailability (eg. for repairs) and availability to allow a full analysis of property performance.
  • ‘Reports – Owners – Net profit per booking’ – Searchable and exportable information on owner payments due and received, together with property statistics to allow a full analysis of profitability, trends and enable predictions on property requirements and income.
  • ‘Booking calendar’ – A clear snapshot of the status and length of all bookings by property in our attractive calendar style.
  • ‘Settlements’ – Searchable and exportable information showing the amount paid and to be paid to the owners for each property to aid analysis and financial record keeping.
  • ‘Bookings’ – Searchable information on all reservations to help with check-in processes, analysis of booking lead times, numbers of guests and length of stays.

The development of this tool in Avantio vacation rental software has been created entirely to support Avantio clients in their vacation rental business. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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