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We are delighted to announce the new Preferred Partner connection between Avantio and Only-apartments, finalised with much anticipation this week.

This connection is available through our Avantio Channel Manager package and the Only-apartments method of commission means higher profits for bookings made through their website.

Founded in 2003, Only-apartments specialises in apartment rentals for short and medium stays. The company aims to offer the widest selection of apartments at a lower price than hotels. They currently list over 150,000 apartments in 112 countries worldwide. Only-apartments receive visitors and booking from all around the world (more than 90 countries) and have a traffic on their website of over 1M hits.

At Only-apartments, booking is instant and efficient to make life easier both for travellers and property owners and 24 hour customer service is available.

Avantio Channel Manager connection with Only-apartments is finalised!

For clients: To add Only-apartments, go to your Channel Manager tab within the VRMS, click ‘+Add Channel’ and then ‘Connect’ under the Only-apartments logo. Full information regarding Only-apartments and instructions on how to connect are given there.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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