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Do you feel that you do not have enough time in the day to handle the many tasks you have? 

Are you running around handing out the keys to your guests from one location to another?

The check-in process and the delivery of the keys can be a critical point both for you, who are wasting time that could be used for other tasks, and for your guest, who just wants to arrive and relax as soon as possible. 

The solution? A completely remote and contactless check-in and key delivery process. 

Now with our new partnership with Keesy , which offers digital keys, you have the option of a completely remote check-in process in addition to the Avantio check-in. 

Patrizio Donnini Gallo undertakes a new idea for the vacation rental sector 

In 2016 the Property Manager Patrizio Donnini saw a gap in the management of vacation rental apartments, besides living it himself as a holiday apartment owner, and so he decided to create his company.

His idea was to provide a service that would offer a unique guest experience, flexibility for PMs and clients but that would optimize costs. 

With this in mind he created a user friendly system to manage the operation of the properties through the use of digital keys. 

Keesy’s vacation rental home automation to the rescue 

A major pain point for vacation rental agencies that most of Keesy´s clients found was the management time wasted when delivering the keys to their guests.

The automation of the access processes (with digital keys) through Keesy has allowed them to save time and optimize the operating costs of its facilities, allowing them to focus their energies on expanding and consolidating their business.

Do you need more time to scale up your vacation rental business?

You too can get the same results  in 4 simple steps: 

1.  The host makes a reservation (choosing Smart as a type of reservation) through Keesy and selects the option “send only the digital keys”. 

2. The main guest receives a text message with the link to download the Keesy application.

3. Guest downloads the app > enters his phone number in the app > gets his digital keys and all information about the accommodation. 

4. On the day of arrival, the guest can go directly to the property > open the Keesy application > press the key icon on the app house to see all the entries > select the correct one and open the door. 

Making a difference. One last note from CEO Patrizio Donnini

With so many possibilities that tourists have in the vacation rental market, making a difference is very important in order to stand out. 

Avantio saw the value that Keesy offers for Property Managers and the perfect complementary solution of aCheck-In.

As Keesy’s CEO Patrizio Donnini comments…

¨Besides simplifying operational processes, smart technology and 24-hour assistance allow managers to offer their guests a highly innovative, secure and fast service, and represent added value that will make a difference in the way they do business and in hospitality.¨ 

Start having more free time and differentiate yourself

If you want to optimize your time to devote to other important areas of your business and also want to differentiate yourself with services that provide value to the guest do not hesitate to contact us to help you!  

*Only available for Italy and France.