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Dear Friends,

There will be a new tourist tax in October. This tax is based on the amount per person and days of stay. The amount can vary from 0,50 to 2,50 person/days (according to the establishment and localization).

Children under 16 don´t pay any fees. If the stay is longer than one week, there is some deduction. You will find more information in the end of this publication.

Attention: accommodations outside the Catalonia don´t have any fees (although they are managed by the catalonian companies)

Example of the calculation with fee 0,5 euro: 3 persons in the apartment during 5 days;

3pax * 0,50 * 5 = 7,5 euro


There are two options in our reservation system:

a) Fee not included in the final price (just an informative note)

Tourist will get information that the accommodation doesn´t include any tourist tax.

The information will appear in the accommodation tab and on the reservation voucher.

The tourist will give the tourist tax at arrival (as an additional charge).

This option doesn´t have any costs. In the next paragraph you can check how to include it.

b) Fee included in the final price (like an obligatory extra)

Fee is automatically included in the reservation price. The tourist will get an approximate cost (if the stay is longer than one week, the cost will be smaller)

This option requires an additional extra and costs about 50 euro.

In the next paragraph you can check how to do it.


Option a) To activate this option, enter crsmanager, reservations, arrvial ruler and / or keys collection , edit and in the additional information choose “tax not included in the price”

Option b) Send an e-mail to in the subject turist tax option b)

In case of any doubts contact us vía el char