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We are happy to have once again our Preferred Partner Muchosol at all of our Avantio Partnership events: Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France.

Here´s a sneak preview of what they have to offer and what they will be sharing with us.

Could you please tell us the add-on value of connecting with Muchosol.

Save time for your core business: being fully integrated means you can use the spare time and energies to manage other important tasks for your agency.

The properties are activated in Muchosol quickly and easily: data, offers, and extras will be automatically set up thanks to the full synchronization with Avantio.  

Broaden your visibility: Present your brand globally all over the world increasing your booking opportunities due to our website in 6 languages.  

Promote your properties through our Travel Agency network: Exclusive agreement to publish Muchosol properties through a network with more than 3.000 physical travel agencies such as Carrefour Viajes group.

Multilingual team: our customer service agents manage the booking with the clients throughout all the booking process, attending clients all around the world in 11 languages.

Commercial team: we give support and advice to all our partners to increase the sales turnover. 

Marketing: Your properties will be promoted throughout Muchosol´s platform as well as in all our social networks in our 6 languages.   

Increase your bookings without any fixed cost and compromise.  

What has Muchosol prepared to share with our mutual clients at the Avantio Partnership this year?

We will be sharing the trends that we are currently seeing, insights, experiences, tips to improve your bookings. 

Plus we will be announcing our new projects to increase your turnover! Muchosol Business and Travel Agencies so stay tuned at the event! 

What is Muchosol most excited about participating in the Avantio Partnership?

Meeting and enhancing relationships with our providers. Sharing improvements and experiences. And most importantly, listening to the needs of our clients. 

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