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Since Airbnb launched its first one, interactive maps have become hot add ons for vacation rental property websites. They provide a valuable service for users whilst helping increase search engine rankings, improving your visibility and potential for sales.

The aim of the map is to improve the experience from the initial search to the final booking process. An easier search means happy users and repeat customers.

The properties are placed exactly on their location on an interactive map which can be zoomed in or out for inspection by the client. Multiple properties can be displayed on the map, offering property information on the map guide. By offering more information on the location of the property it can provide better search engine rankings which means more people can see the website.

Avantio vacation rental interactive maps to treasure

Clients can see where rental properties are with reference to other points of interest for them. Take for example, a client wanting a holiday flat near the beach. An interactive map can offer the client the opportunity to see all properties within the distance that they think is best for them rather than relying on the description. This gives the client more confidence in the property location and in the website.

As the information about the property can be seen at a glance, for example, an attractive image and the price and number of beds, the client can quickly see what property is best suited for their needs and click onto the property details, saving them time which ultimately means, increasing their happiness in the experience and leading to repeat sales.

Avantio interactive maps are specially optimised for the vacation rental software to raise business listings and improve customer satisfaction. We provide a ‘Search by Map’ view in the property search pages, which can be included in any of our web plans for free, and a ‘Map Widget’ which can be placed anywhere on your site, which is free of charge for customers with the Web Premium plan.
If you are interested in how these maps can improve your site, please contact us at

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