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We are happy to have our New Preferred Partner HVN at our Partnerships in Italy and Spain. They will be presenting a new type of business model for the VR community!

Find out more about this exclusive distributor of wholesale rates on the professionally-managed apartment and villa rentals (private “havens”) distinguished for their trusted quality, unique amenities, and exceptional value.

Could you please tell us the add-on value of connecting with HVN?

HVN is Avantio’s first private market Preferred Partner: distributing serviced apartment & villa rentals to a global network of leading travel agencies, travel member clubs, and Fortune 500 employees through password-protected portals, at private negotiated rates. 

Pure Profit. HVN helps you turn empty nights into profitable bookings. 

Connect with HVN to unlock new private channels that drive incremental revenue on inventory that would otherwise go unsold.

Differentiated Positioning. HVN helps you stand out from the noise of amateur homeshare providers. 

HVN works exclusively with professional property managers, positioning your properties to our distribution partners as a superior category of “havens” that meet their standards of high quality and trusted hospitality.

New Private Channels. HVN helps you target hard-to-reach segments of high-quality travelers. 

Connect with HVN to reach an untapped traveler base of travel agent clients and corporate employees who travel 5x per year and don’t book accommodations through the public OTAs – all at zero marketing cost.

What has HVN prepared to share with our mutual clients at the Avantio Partnership this year?

We are prepared to give a presentation or workshop describing how PMs can leverage new private market channels to drive incremental revenue – just as hotel revenue strategists have been doing for years. 

We can also help PMs navigate and complete our simple onboarding process in-person ( and are preparing a limited edition gift for PMs who commit to joining HVN during the Rome and Ibiza Partnership events! 

What is HVN most excited about participating at the Avantio Partnership?

We are most excited to meet property managers in-person and share new strategies they can use to reach travelers & boost revenue in partnership with HVN!

We have the ability to sign PMs up in-person with, and are preparing a limited edition gift for anyone who commits to joining HVN during the Rome or Ibiza Partnership events!