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Avantio x Locasun

We are pleased to announce that Locasun now forms a part of our Preferred Partnership.

Founded in 2001, Locasun is an online travel agency specialized in apartments, villas and camping rentals based in Paris and Barcelona. They have more than 90,000 properties mainly in Europe.

Locasun has been developing City Breaks since 2016, and offer short stays to their clients, as well as offering a selection of properties through their dedicated website Locasun-VP. They provide a selection of 50 to 70 exclusive best deals each week, which they send to more than 1 Million of their members.

Locasun is efficient, works with instant booking process and properties are fully synchronized. They are in charge of all booking processes, customers questions and enquiries, offering a full service which frees your agency from this time-consuming aspect of the booking process.

Benefit from the new Avantio Channel Manager Locasun connection

With more than 1.2 Million visitors each month, your properties would benefit from a large, new customer base. Most of the bookings received are from Europe, in particular from customers from France, Belgium, Germany, UK and Spain. Top destinations of Locasun are for properties based in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Croatia.

Locasun Website

Locasun is included in the packages of the Channel Manager (from Standard package upwards) as an ‘Included Channel’.

  • If you do not already have a connection to Locasun, go to your Channel Manager tab within the Vacation Rental Management Software (VRMS), click ‘+Add Channel’ and then ‘Connect’ under the Locasun logo. Full information regarding Locasun and instructions on how to connect are given there.
  • If you already have Locasun included in your Channel Manager, you may now be able to add a further portal within your package. Contact your account manager to check this.
  • If you do not have a Channel Manager package, please contact your account manager to discuss your options.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or read more on the channel manager page.