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In an increasingly international trading environment, some international vacation rental agencies and managers find themselves unable to promote their property portfolio on international portals. This is because they transact in currencies which aren’t compatible with all international portals – the portal may only offer transactions in local currencies, for example Pounds, Euros or Dollars. For example, a property manager using Brazilian Real receiving 60% of their bookings from inside Brazil may have difficulties advertising on HomeAway in USA as the currency needed by HomeAway is in US Dollars.

As a result some vacation rental agencies lose the opportunity to obtain online bookings from some of their target international customers because they can’t promote their vacation property portfolios on the portals that they are interested in.

Avantio currency converter opens opportunities for international bookings

Avantio’s industry leading vacation rental management software has resolved this problem, setting new technology standards for the international vacation rental market. Now, with Avantio vacation rental software, vacation rental agencies can choose our currency converter module and use it with many different portals – allowing them to receive more bookings from international customers.

Within the Avantio currency converter, a currency is selected by the vacation rental agency for each portal. This means that if a portal eg HomeAway, does not support the agency’s own currency eg Brazilian Real, the property transactions will take place in the chosen currency eg US Dollars. In addition, different currencies may be chosen for different portals so a vacation rental agency may choose to use Dollars with and Euros with HomeAway. This gives the advantage that a vacation property portfolio can now be visible to international customers using almost all the portals in our channel manager.

More details can be found in the module contract. For more information on how the Avantio Currency Converter can open the doors to new property bookings through international portals for your vacation rental business, please contact us.