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On Thursday 28 April Preferred Partners Avantio and HomeAway held a vacation rental property management seminar in Valencia, Spain. Invited were property managers and agencies from all over Spain to meet the two companies, hear about new developments and ask questions regarding the products, the companies and the market.

Pre-meeting networking

What we found interesting was the number of questions we heard both during and after the seminar with regards to two main points:

Firstly we answered a lot of questions regarding security, from the security of the vacation rental management software to protect the data held within, to the security of portals and the industry as a whole. This is a topic very close to us, as we are constantly looking for ways to improve the security of our software to stay one step ahead of data hackers. Our recent blog posts on security show some of the ways we have recently been combatting this problem. In particular we have been using PCI guidelines which aim to protect the safety of credit card information in order to create the PCI Wallet which safely stores credit card data in a protected cloud environment, adding SSL Certificates to our software, and enhancing our security features.

And secondly a hot topic for the day was the very welcome overview of how easy it is to use the channel manager software to connect to portals using a one click process. This is a feature which simplifies the process of adding new portals to the channel manager and is designed to improve the usability of the system and reduce time for the property managers.

Avantio presentation     Channel Manager Presentation

To all that came, many thanks for your time, and we hope you found it a useful experience and a good opportunity to meet us, HomeAway and other property agencies and owners.

Channel Manager meeting    Channel Manager meeting

We have more HomeAway-Avantio Preferred Partner seminars coming up in Spain and property managers will be invited to these events. If you would like to attend a meeting near you, please contact us at

We will also be holding our Annual Corporate Meeting in October exclusively for our customers, creating the connection of a network of European professional agencies. In this meeting we will include training on e-commerce, how to increase bookings and new technologies. Watch this space for more information.

Post meeting networking     Post meeting networking

Post meeting networking     Post meeting networking

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