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At Avantio we believe in and nurture win-win-win relationships where we listen, innovate and connect in order to contribute together to the vacation rental industry.

We are excited to announce that Holidu will be once again with us at the Avantio Partnership in Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal.

Meet them and find out more about one of the best search engines for vacation rentals, that compares millions of properties from hundreds of websites to find the perfect accommodation, at the lowest price.

Could you please, tell us the benefits of working and being connected to Holidu?

Holidu is one of the hottest search engines for vacation rentals. They compare prices out of 600 hundred sources and Avantio offers a direct connection!

Holidu is a price comparison tool, the better the results to compare the prices of your properties, the better is the guest experience.

With the direct connection, the guest will book directly on Holidu instead of being redirected to one of the sales channels. On the listing page, your name and logo are displayed, and your brand will be shown! Increasing the likelihood of direct bookings through your booking page.

Lastly, let´s talk about ranking! Properties will actually show way higher in the search results. The direct connection pushes it up significantly as bookings through Holidu are more relevant to them than re-directing guests to a sales channel.

Holidu is looking for properties in your area, there is great demand, and we are eager to publish your properties. Just to give you an idea of our profiles, we receive reservations from families or large groups with an average stay of 7 nights that spend over 1000 EUR per stay. 

What has Holidu prepared to share with our mutual clients in the Avantio Partnership this year?

  1. A new partner portal to manage bookings, commissions and much more! 
  2. Automated onboarding/self-certification (reducing onboarding times in 60%)
  3. Insights from the industry
  4. Share customer service best practices and industry trends
  5. How to maximize bookings

What is Holidu most excited about participating in the Avantio Partnership?

We love being in contact with Agencies and Property Managers connected to Holidu. We learn a lot from them and we also want them to learn from us. Sharing is caring. So we make sure we share relevant information with them. Finally, Avantio is one of our most important partners, we never miss the Avantio Partnerships! It’s a great way to make our partnership even stronger. 

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