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From May 2016, Avantio’s tailor-made vacation rental websites have enhanced and improved the guest review and customer testimonials option. Now this feature is more flexible, attractive and completely under your control. This is an exciting option which allows guests to leave guest reviews following a stay in your properties, and give you an option to respond to the comment.

Use Avantio guest reviews to make your property portfolio more visible and competitive

Users have been relying on customer reviews and testimonials to help with the purchase process of white goods and electronics for many years. Vacation property rental portals followed suite which gave them a competitive edge over portals and individual websites with no reviews. Much research over the years has shown how potential customers place trust in websites which offer client reviews, but property managers have been slower to take advantage of this.

What are the 3 core benefits for property managers and agencies?

  • Firstly, by offering guest reviews on your vacation rental property website, you give your property website a competitive edge for bookings against other companies as there is a growing demand by potential guests to see previous guest reviews. A 2015 US report by SurveyMonkey in the Hospitality Report showed that 78% of people look at online reviews at least half of the time before making a lodging reservation.
  • Secondly, a good response to both good and bad reviews can actually enhance the perception of the company and should be considered as an opportunity to impress. How a company responds to customer reviews can highly influence other potential clients’ decision making process, so all responses should be polite, timely and respectful.
  • And finally, the opportunity for more online bookings is increased as google rankings give the properties more online visibility. This is because online reviews offer the property manager website more active and unique content through these comments, which is positively ranked on google.

Avantio customer reviews section has been enhanced to offer:

  • Complete control of the guest reviews option
  • Opportunity to respond to the customer review
  • Control of the review process from initial review request to final response through a dedicated control area in the reservations panel.

Guest Reviews

If you would like more information on how this feature can help increase the online bookings of your rental properties on your website, please contact us.