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See the Avantio automatic guest Check-in, fully integrated in the property management software to save company resources.

Reduce management processes with integrated Check-in online

A feature of this modern age, is the desire to reduce the time spent waiting. For vacation rental guests that includes the time spent checking in when they arrive at their rented property. Avantio integrated check-in online offers tourists the opportunity to check-in online prior to arrival and save your company resources.

At Avantio we are focused on providing vacation rental tools which help reduce the tasks required for running a successful vacation rental business. We’ve spoken to our clients, who tell us that they spend on average around 30 minutes for each reservation. This time really adds up! That’s why we have launched the tourist check-in online feature, which can be used in advance by the guests and will save your agency resources!

The key part of this feature is that it is integrated in our property management software, so there will be no requirement to deal with third party external suppliers.

After the reservation has been made, an email is automatically sent to the guest. The timing of this email depends on the configuration made by the vacation rental agency. This email provides direction to allow the guest to check-in for the entire reservation, providing all information required by the vacation rental agency and police.

This integrated feature creates 4 benefits for the vacation rental agency:

  • Management time is saved, as the time required to obtain all necessary information and manage the client check-in process is reduced.
  • Agencies do not need to deal with third party companies to facilitate the check-in process.
  • Less information is required in the initial booking form, thus increasing reservation conversion rates.
  • Customer satisfaction is increased as guests will associate the easy check-in with guest area for their holiday experience – helpful for getting better reviews.
  • You can use the data details from the check-in online to automatically export directly to SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) using our integrated SEF export feature, saving even more time for your business.

This is just one of the new developments from Avantio designed to improve how our clients can run their vacation rental businesses. For more information on our other developments, please check our vacation rental blog, and keep an eye on the updates posted on the vrms log-in, and our social media, or as always, you can contact us by email.