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We all want to appear on the first page of Google, but when we think we have everything clear, Google change their algorythm again. It’s changed more than 500 times a year, which works out at once every 17.5 hours. Hard to keep track, right?

But some changes are more significant than others.. Some weeks ago, Google has become more stringent with the Secure Socket Layers Certificates – SSL or the “s” in https:// websites. Now, if an SSL certificate is not installed the user may be confronted with an alarming message that this website is not secure, or may even not be able to access the web itself.

But what exactly is the security certificate SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which corresponds to a protocol of security which ensures that data is sent securely. The transmission of data, like credit card numbers or personal data is encrpyted. What Google desires, (and Avantio too) is that websites are as secure as possible, and with new measures like this, he who doesn’t adapt will be at a significant disadvantage.

Now, when a web has an SSL certificate, the word “Secure” appears before the URL, with the padlock icon. Upon clicking this, the user will be assured that “Your information (for example, password or credit card numbers ) is secure when sent to this site. A reassuring message for any user looking to potentially book one of your properties.

What happens if you don’t have an SSL certificate?

After this latest update of Chrome 68, an alarming “Not Secure” message will appear next to the URL, if not SSL is installed. In the coming versions, this “Not Secure” will be written in red alongside a warning message.

Advantages of having an SSL certifcate installed

Having an SSL certificate brings a sense of condidence and security to your website users, as well as protecting your website against possible cyber /spam attacks. Furthermore, it’s also the case that the SSL cerfificate means a faster page loading time and importantly, boosts your website’s positioning in Google. At Avantio we offer the service of both purchase and installation of the SSL certificates, so your website is in line with this latest important update.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, now’s the time to contact your Account Manager to get this taken care of.

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