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Avantio is dedicated to providing your agency with the best technological and management solutions every day. There are many services that we offer with the goal of helping your business grow and this article highlights one of these.

As part of our commitment to improving the business results of our clients, we provide onboarding training sessions for all clients wishing to connect to the portals in our vacation rental Channel Manager including our Preferred Partners.

These training sessions are provided to new customers at no additional cost to the agency. This is because we believe in providing a quality service for our clients to help them become more competitive in the market.

Dedicated Training and Support with our vacation rental Channel Manager

During these training sessions we provide professional training and information, detailed onboarding material and full support throughout the entire connection process within the Channel Manager. At this time, these training sessions are available in English only.

The partners in our Channel Manager have been hand-selected due to their characteristics, whether they are global, local or specialized portals. We are continually reviewing these connections, making new developments in the API connection and adding new channels to the Channel Manager.

If there are any further details about our onboarding service or our Channel Manager that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

Our goal is to help you get connected to your chosen channel partners, so you can start receiving quality reservations as soon as possible!

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