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The more options we have, the more complicated it is to make a decision. Travelers have a  complex ecosystem, whereby they are faced with a myriad of choices and information to start planning their next vacation. Introducing: flexible dates travel packages with Intelligent Date Search.

Flexibility, Personalization and Simplicity

According to a cross-device clickstream study done by Google, the customer journey and decision-making to book an accomodation lasts 36 days and includes 45 digital touchpoints throughout different devices and websites. 

The data shown above, shows that travelers plan their vacation in a more sophisticated way,l looking for ways how to search for vacation packages with flexible dates. This explains why they take their time to go back and forth between devices and websites to search and compare locations and prices. 

Vacation Rental agencies, have the task to offer via their websites flexibility, personalization and simplicity to make it easier for the guest to make a choice. 

How to Search for Vacation Packages with Flexible Dates With Intelligent Date Search Integration 

Having that said, the Avantio Web team, has developed the Intelligent Date Search in response to the current travel trends. 

Our Head of Business Development UK & Ireland explains the importance of the Flexible Date Search and how it works in the following video: