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Demanding guest as a tourist profile

We know that PMs nowadays face the challenge of a tourist profile that is a very demanding guest, that seeks personalized experiences on their travel and have the ability to voice their opinion across different channels. 

And although we are in a digital world, there are still guests, that want the personal touch when finding options to book a reservation. 

Did you know that more than 40% of bookings are still done offline?

We know as a fact that PMs still get many booking requests via e-mail or phone, precisely because there are still guests that feel that they want a personalized experience and the human interaction is part of it. 

But the lack of resources to receive all the incoming booking petitions might affect that personalized experience that the high demanding guest is seeking. Losing many opportunities!  

Which brings us to an important point… 

Teams need to be efficient in order to be able to escalate the business. But how can you do that? 

Escalating challenges arising from demanding guest

Making your Team More Productive 

Productivity is the key to success in any business! If you see your team is having a hard time closing bookings due to lack of time, below you can find some simple ways to improve their efficiency.

Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks

At times teams have more than they can handle, making them less efficient and productive.

It is a good idea to review the tasks that they are taking care of because many times they have small tasks that pile up and are not really a priority. 

Getting rid of these small tasks can help them focus on what they are meant to be doing, which is generating bookings. 

Set Priorities for Your Team 

Setting clear priorities for your sales teams can help them organize themselves for the whole and can help them focus on what really needs to get done. 

Communicate Effectively

Communication between team members is key and while e-mails are the traditional way to communicate, it is not always the best channel. If your team members get an important number of incoming e-mails to their inbox, a lot of information might not reach them. 

There are tools that can actually help you leverage their productivity. Which brings me to the next point… 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are many tools out there that can help teams communicate with each other and organize themselves so that they can really focus on generating bookings and offering a personalized experience to the demanding guest. 

An example of this technology is our Business Opportunity Manager, which offers a solution for PMs to make their teams more productive, communicate better with each other and manage all the incoming offline booking requests. 

The Holistic Way of Giving The Best Service to The Demanding Guest

But what does all the above mentioned entail?  

In general terms, Vacation Rental companies need to see their business holistically. The organization of the team affects directly their daily performance.

If you have productive vacation rental agents that take care of the demanding guest, you will be able to give an exceptional personalized service. 

If you wish to have more information about our Business Opportunity Manager and other products that can help you leverage your business you can contact one of our account managers here.

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