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The newest software development from Avantio, the Dashboard, is now available on the Avantio vacation rental management system (VRMS). This dashboard will give vacation rental agencies important information at a glance, to aid crucial business decisions.

One of the issues facing any company nowadays is the sheer volume of information available. Whilst the provision of information is supposed to help decision making processes and aid management decisions, it can have the opposite result. An oversupply of information can debilitate businesses as they spend hours wading through the data to find the valuable information they need.

Avantio dashboard shows Vacation rental data in a glance

Avantio’s new dashboard works to resolve this problem for our clients. The new section from Avantio software provides a high impact visual of the essential data required for running a vacation rental business.

The new features show:

  • Reservations income.
  • Number of bookings.
  • Occupation percentage.

And can be broken down by day, month or year. The graphs can be seen in a number of different ways, to help give you a better vision of your business results. The options available are: a lineal graph and a cumulative graph

If you would like guidance on any aspect of the vacation rental management system features, or further explanation of the points in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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