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From November 2017 we have a new, fantastic development which will increase the synchronization level and the interaction of your listings at, which is almost entirely automated.

Are you in this situation?

“My guests complain a lot about the extra cleaning cost which is not synchronized in the price when making a reservation.”

This is no longer the case!

The new Content API now synchronizes a lot of extra details, including the cleaning cost.

You can also synchronize discounts and elements expressed as a percentage, the multi rates are created automatically and you don’t have to manually program them in the extranet.

The extras such a: tourist tax, towel charge, bed linen, heating, air conditioning, final cleaning, pet, internet and parking are also synchronized.

Enhance your property listings: use the Content API

Now the new Content API completely changes the way to market your products and your commercial experience with

The following features are now fully compatible within the new Content API connection in your Channel Manager:

  • Property features
  • Photos
  • Prices per accommodation
  • Prices per person

These are significant improvements for the vacation rental market, prepared with the expansion and constantly changing vacation rental industry in mind.

Please visit our support page to find the full list of compatible features and the instructions how to connect the Content API.

Save time and increase bookings, by making the change to the new Content API yourselves in just one click from the Channel Manager

How does the new improvement help? With no doubt you will now show more detailed property information to make your property more attractive, bring you more bookings and you can have it all through an easy connection process!

Our Preferred Partnership with has many benefits that you can experience every day. has been added to our Channel Manager as a Preferred Partner in order to best promote your properties internationally, and help you grow your business and now this connection is included in our Channel Manager packages as an Included Channel.

If you were not using previously because of the past complexities, connect now and let us know how we can help you.

It is of utmost importance for us to provide our customers the most innovative services which respond to your needs. With 16 years of experience in the vacation rental software business, forward vision and profound knowledge of the market, Avantio is the best choice for your agency.