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Why you should not lose faith in booking forms?

Did you know that one way to increase conversions on your vacation rental website is by taking a good look at the booking forms your guests must complete. Are they too long? Too short? Asking for the wrong information? Or information that you don’t need right at that moment? As your technological partner for vacation rental management software, Avantio is continuously looking for ways to help you improve your bookings conversions so we’d like to direct you to our flexible booking forms.

Cost wise, it is significantly more cost-effective for you to encourage more of the visitors on your site to make a booking, than to attract new visitors to your site. Our flexible booking forms have focused on how to increase the conversions from browsers on your website to guest bookings.

Statistics show how browsers can easily lose faith and commitment to book. Salesforce recently released a report that showed in the travel Industry 78.3% of people leave without buying the Hotel and Lodgings items in their cart. This can be for a number of reasons. They become frustrated with technological problems, unclear payment processes or overwhelmed with the information required to make a reservation. These negative experiences increase what’s called, ‘the abandonment rate’, ie, your potential buyer leaves your website before finalising the purchase. There are many different ways that these can be negated to improve conversion rates as discussed in our vacation rental blog.

Flexible booking forms to increase guest conversion

Our recent change has altered the booking form, to make it more flexible for your business. This means that you can reduce the number of fields that need completing. You can also indicate that certain fields are non-obligatory. Any additional information that you need can be requested at a later stage, once you have  secured the booking.

You can alter your booking form content in the ‘Web’ section on your VRMS. The minimum number of fields required is one, and the form must include an E-mail field.

Customise websites forms

]This is just one of the new developments from Avantio designed to improve how our clients can run their vacation rental businesses.

The development of the flexible booking forms in the Avantio vacation rental software (VRMS) has been created entirely to support our clients in their vacation rental business. This module can improve your conversion rates and increase bookings. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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