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Our Partner with Headquarters in London place service, reliability, and professionalism as their standards, as well as the PMs they work with. 

But let´s get to know them a bit better…. 

We were able to have a chat with CEO of TravelStaytion Jason Anastasinis to ask him a few questions: 

You have been in the vacation rental business since 2013. What are the most important changes that you have seen in the past 6 years in the industry?

The most significant change that we have noticed is the constant growth in terms of properties listed yearly. Since 2013, a market of individual and amateur homeowners advertising their spared spaces has been transformed into a mix of individual property owners, medium and large-sized property management companies, property developers and portfolio managers.  

We cannot exclude of course the big impact and the change that new technologies have brought to this market, from channel managers to property management tools and automation.

Tell us a bit more about the history of TravelStaytion and how it has evolved within the sector.

Since October 2012 TravelStaytion has seen that the holiday rental market is a more affordable option compared to hotels.

We always believed that holiday rentals is a type of accommodation that should be served from professionals, with an orientation to service and customer satisfaction. The problems of holiday rental markets, such as the service standards, updated availability and pricing was always in our target to solve. Throughout the years, we have managed to gather 85000 property instantly bookable, managed only from professionals, providing additional services. 

Our philosophy is to establish sustainable partnerships, through quality and direct technological integrations, in order to provide the best possible and accurate information to our users and affiliates. 

The short term rental market has evolved at a fast pace. What is your prediction in the upcoming 5 years for the industry?

We are predicting a consolidation of the market. The existence of various services surrounding the holiday rental market complicates the service and increase the price. We believe that the whole process of the operations and reservations will be streamlined. We are working towards this route, with a focus on the best service and value for travelers and property owners/managers.

What are the main trends that you see in the travel sector and how is TravelStaytion responding to those trends?

We are noticing a demand in medium to high priced properties, provided with additional services and hotel amenities. In TravelStaytion´s recent redesign we have introduced the Host Reception, every property is coming with the services that the host/property managers offer. Our travelers are not only selecting a property based on its amenities but also the services he can enjoy during his stay. From concierge services to nanny arrangements and transportation, our guests can request any of the 25 additional host reception services offered from all our property managers that list in our platform.

Which do you think are the strongest markets and which will have the potential to grow within the vacation rental industry?

Very strong markets are UK, US, Spain Italy, and France, we are predicting a significant increase in Greece, Israel, and Mexico

One of the benefits of TravelStaytion is that you offer a secure payment infrastructure for guests. How is TravelStaytion preparing for the new European regulation PSD2?

We are complying fully with European regulations and PSD2. We are always investing and upgrading our secure payment infrastructure. 

What do you think is the value add- one of the partnership between TravelStaytion and Avantio?  

Avantio has worked so many years with the objective to attract quality property managers with a great track record and portfolio. We are fully aligned with this philosophy and this partnership helps us to strengthen our portfolio with property managers and technology with great quality and sustainability.