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A holiday experience doesn’t begin at the arrival at the property. It begins at the conception of the planning process. By giving your guests a good experience even before they’ve arrived at your property, you increase the opportunity for good client reviews, provide a better holiday experience for your guest, and increase opportunities for re-bookings of your properties. To do this, Avantio has developed the Guest Area for vacation rental websites.

Increase re-bookings with a Guest Area

Your guests will automatically receive an invitation to log in to the Guest Area, which is protected with a private log-in . From here, you will add value to your guest experience and your clients can build their plans.

The Avantio Guest Area offers:

  • A summary of their previous and future reservations
  • Accommodation information
  • Local area information and activities to get involved in
  • How to arrive information
  • Instructions and guides for the vacation rental accommodation, to aid the guest experience
  • A communications area, to send direct emails to the agency
  • Smooth process to re-book your properties
  • A check-in online feature, to streamline the arrival process and get your guest in holiday mode faster including a time of arrival button.

Offering the Avantio Guest Area is the ideal way to give vital vacation rental information to your clients efficiently, and easily, to increase sales for the future.

If you would like to add the Avantio Guest Area to your vacation rental management software, please contact your account manager directly and check out our support page to get more details.

This is just one of the new developments from Avantio designed to improve the repeat purchase opportunities for our clients. For more information on our other developments, please check our vacation rental blog, and keep an eye on the updates posted on the vrms log-in, and our social media, or as always, you can contact us by email.