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Vacation rental Price Comparison Platforms, also known as Search Engine Websites, for example, the industry leading platform Holidu, are one-stop websites showing tourists what properties are available for their search requirements.

The properties shown are taken from a number of different sources, and until now they have been portals such as Airbnb,, HomeAway, Muchosol, and Only-apartments. This means that tourists can find a greater number of properties available on one search engine website, and have less need to search the entire internet looking at lots of different portals. This saves their time and eases the booking process.

Price comparison platforms offer new opportunities for vacation rental growth

When a tourist clicks on a property of interest on the price comparison platforms, they are directed automatically to the company to find more information and make the booking.

Why are these comparison websites important for vacation rental agencies?

Price comparison platforms are relatively new in the vacation rental market, but have been popular for years in the insurance, hotels and flight markets. In line with the growth in the vacation rental market, these price comparison platforms are evolving. Now, together in an exclusive arrangement with Avantio, they allow vacation rental property owners to promote their properties on the price comparison platforms alongside the portals.

There are a number of benefits for vacation rental agencies and we have listed 5 reasons how price comparison platforms can increase your vacation property rental business:

  1. You can control all communication with your guests using your own business rules and templates. This is because the price comparison platforms direct customers to book on your website.
  2. More potential customers will see your vacation rental company. As the price comparison platforms have high google rankings, property portfolios on their platform have the potential to be seen more.
  3. Google rankings of your own website could be boosted, according to the way Google currently ranks websites. This is due to the number of links to your vacation rental website as well as the number of visits from the price comparison platforms.
  4. Price sensitive visitors will be more inclined to visit your website. Some price comparison sites list the prices of your property from your website next to the prices of your property from the portals, which sometimes have a higher price due to commission costs.
  5. You have full control of your sales, cancellations and payment processes. Price comparison platforms offer you the web visibility of portals, whilst making the booking through your own website, giving you back the control.

Avantio will soon offer the opportunity to advertise vacation rental agencies portfolios directly through the vacation rental management system (VRMS) and we will offer a special connection price. Contact us to find out more information about how this can help improve your business and increase your sales.