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In January we contacted all our clients by email and through the Vacation Rental Management Software (VRMS) log-in to ask you to help us by answering 11 questions. A great number of you took the time to complete the questions, which is much appreciated: it is with your comments, opinions and experiences that Avantio can grow to meet your needs.

Thank you for participating in our Clients Questionnaire 2016

We read every comment and considered every point of view. Although it is not possible to make every change requested, they will be considered in the future developments of the Vacation Rental Management System and the websites. So thank you to everyone who participated!

The results of the survey showed us areas that you are very happy with, areas of frustration, as well as areas where we can grow. For confidentiality reasons we are not publishing the statistics, however if you would like to know the results, please contact us and we will be happy to share them with you.

There are a number of suggestions which we are incorporating into our plans for the coming year and we will inform you about them at the time of launch. Other comments indicated that not everyone is aware of some of the features that the software already offers, and so we have given some details below.

Support team – new and improved

“The quality and response time for support has gone down over the last couple of months but still is not bad.”
“We appreciate the availability and timing in the management of a question or problem.”
You talked about our levels of support and we have taken note. In response to your comments, we have increased the number of specialists in our Support Team. They are available to help you with your enquiries and speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese between them. We are dedicated to providing ongoing support for you during your partnership with Avantio and hope that in 2017 you see that our service team meets your needs better.

Owners Module – did you see our update?

“Greater flexibility in the Property Owners Module.”
In 2016 we updated our Owners module to offer new features, reducing the complicated procedures involved in running a professional vacation rental agency. These developments included new reports, settlement information and searchable information about bookings. Check out our article which gives more details about owners intranet.

Automation of processes and emails

“Automation of emails.”
In the last WTM London and Fitur, we presented ‘Harmony’, the first of our modules of Business Automation. It is clear from your comments that this module is going to be well appreciated within your vacation rental businesses. This is currently in test, and we will send you more information regarding the launch of this feature soon. December 2017 update: Harmony is launched now, check out all the benefits of the business task automation.

Set prices for each property for the portals

“To be able to set different prices for each web of sales (Booking, etc …) or to be able to increase the rates in a % according to the commissions of each web.”
There is the feature available to adjust the prices of your properties for each of the portals you connect to. We do not recommend making significant changes, however it is possible to make minor adjustments by ‘configuring’ by portal within the Channel Manager of the Vacation Rental Management System.

Training opportunities

“Is there the opportunity to do a training course on the software?”
In 2017 we are planning 3 Partnership Conferences exclusively for our clients, to be held in Spain, Italy and France. These will incorporate training and informative sessions on our software, new software developments, portal insights and key industry news. All our clients are welcome to come to these events, which will have complimentary entrance for 2017. We will also be participating in a number of international conferences and we would be happy to meet you there too.
In addition, if you would like further training, we offer additional training sessions which are 1:1 with our training team. Contact us directly to discuss further individual training and our events.


“Be able to get a report to organize the arrivals.”
Within the vacation rental software there are an increased variety of reports available within the Reports tab including a check-in report called ‘Entries list’. In addition, for those wanting to see combined check-in/check-out reports, it is possible to create an ‘extra’ for check-in or check-out in the software. This is in the section Rates / Extras / List / New and can be ‘internal only’. Once created, reports are viewable and exportable from the Reports / Cleaning & Services section.

If you would like guidance on any aspect of the vacation rental management system features, or further explanation of the points in this email, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you again to those who participated in our questionnaire, and wishing you all a fruitful 2017 with Avantio.

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