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Since the beginning of the year we’ve enchanced our vacation rental software with 10 new features. In this post you can learn more about the updates and how they can help improve your workflow.

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  1. Extras invoicing module
  2. Legal and statistics exports
  3. Inquiries and leads can now be added manually
  4. Property videos can be added to the gallery
  5. Cleaning and services reports have improved
  6. Emails that the booking engine sends automatically can now be personalized
  7. You can now assign online names to your properties in multiple languages
  8. Expert SEO Pack (Optional)
  9. Comments in reports
  10. A few more improvements

1. Extras invoicing module

You can now issue invoices or receipts for extras or services independently of bookings, even if they are not related to a specific property (for example event tickets, theme park entries, repair or maintenance services). 
These services can be invoiced to booking guests, accompanying guests or owners.
Extras invoicing module
The issued invoices are stored in the system as an extra bill and can be exported to accounting. It is also possible to mark the invoice as paid or unpaid. If marked as unpaid, it will also appear in the list of outstanding payments receivable.

2. Legal and statistics export module

This module makes it possible to automatically export data required by official entities such as police or tax authorities. At this time available exports include Spanish police and Catalan Mossos, but we will be adding more soon.

The system is designed to keep a record of all exports and also to detect any errors in the data being exported.

3. Manual insertion of inquiries

Inquiries do not appear in the Booking Calendar nor close out dates, however it can be useful to be able to add them into the system. This way they can serve as a reminder and also enable you to send an email to the lead directly from the system.

Manual insertion of inquiries

4. Property videos in the gallery

In addition to photos, it is now possible to embed Youtube videos of your properties in the accommodation galleries.

5. Cleaning and services reports improvements

The cleaning reports now show, based on each check-out, when the next check-in will occur or whether a check-out and a check-in are scheduled on the same day.

The same applies to any services scheduled to be provided upon arrival, allowing better control over scheduling times for services.

6. Personalization of emails that the booking engine sends automatically

You can now customize text, headers, footers etc. for emails the booking system sends automatically. The messages can even be customized by payment method.

7. Assignment of online names to your properties in multiple languages

It’s now easy to assign different names to the same property for internal and online use. For example, internally an accommodation could be called “Upper East Side 4568”, but show online as “Fantastic penthouse with terrace”.

While this was possible before, the functionality was limited​​. This update allows for online name assignments in multiple languages.

8. Expert SEO Pack

This optional module (please contact us for pricing), provides you with control over certain on-page SEO elements, including metatags like titles and descriptions as well as header tags. The use of this module requires advanced knowledge of SEO techniques.

The module also allows the addition of personalized content regarding locations, areas etc.

9. Comments included in reports

Many reports, such as cleaning and services, bookings lists and payment status reports now include the option to show internal comments related to bookings included in the report:

Comments included in reports

Additionally, you can search for any text in the comments:


Booking list

10. Other improvements

  • New “Date Created” field in Client, Owner and Agent records.
  • Improved photo upload system. Now the system detects photos with unsupported formats and/or sizes before uploading.
  • The availability search in the Avantio vacation rental software backoffice has improved. You now have the option to select whether occupancy rules (arrival/departure days, min stays etc) should be taken into consideration when searching for availability. When performing a search that overrides occupancy rules, results that break the occupancy rules are shown, but with notification of which rules have been overridden.

We hope you’ll enjoy these updates and that they will help improve your workflow!

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