Secure payments for you and your guest 

Security is one of the major concerns when it comes to the payment process of your agency. Whether it be credit card frauds, cards with no funds or managing credit card details safely; we´ve got you covered.

With Avantio Payments you will be able to have peace of mind. 

Protect your agency and guests from possible credit card frauds and legal fines through credit card encryption, programme automatic checks of card verifications and funds, and card details are encrypted and saved securely.

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Frictionless Payments

Transparent transactions = better guest experience

Out of all the touchpoints of the guest experience, handling the guest´s payments is the trickiest.

So why not make it as transparent as possible to avoid any misunderstandings?

With Avantio Payments you will be able to configure automatic notifications to your guests of each credit card transaction performed in the system, making the guest feel safe and boosting your brand reputation.

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100% Secure Payment Automation

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Why Simplify Your Payment Charges and Refunds with Avantio Payments?

Payment Automation

Simplify your payment process through automation

Having to perform your payments manually one by one can be a major inconvenience that is why automating your payments can help you optimize your time and management.   

aPay adapts to your business model and you can choose how you want to automate and handle your payments:

Optimize your time by reducing manual tasks and automating secure payments.

If I have Avantio Payments do I need a payment gateway?

Avantio Payments is a module that automates payments, refunds and deposits. To use it correctly it isnecessary to link a payment gateway. It is in fact the payment gateway that processes the payment.

You can review all of the intergrated payment gateways HERE

What are the synchronization times between notification and charging?

For programmed payments a notification will be sent to the guest within 30 minutes and the charge will be made one hour later.

You can choose the time of the charge directly from the module settings.

The time of charge will be applied to all programmed charges except the first that are configured “on booking” which will be charged as soon as the booking is received.

How can I use Avantio Payments with my offline bookings? 

With Avantio Payments you can send a secure payment link to your guests via e-mail.

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How are virtual cards ( Expedia) processed via Avantio Payments?

The system will recognise the virtual card and will process it automatically according to the actual payment date.

The charge will be automated on the day the virtual card becomes available to be charged (indicated in the booking by “actual date of payment”)


How are Airbnb bookings processed via Avantio Payments?

The system distinguishes bookings by payment method and sales channel. All bookings charged by the portal (like Airbnb) which have the option “charged by the portal” selected in the payment details will not be automated by Avantio Payments.. 

If I charge a reservation from my POS terminal, can I make the refund through Avantio Payments?

No, transactions charged from a physical POS must be refunded in the same way. Money entry transactions should always have the exit (refund) by the same route.



Payment Automation

Frictionless Payment

Si tengo Avantio Payments ¿no necesito una Pasarela de pago?

Avantio Payments es un módulo que automatiza los cobros, las devoluciones y las fianzas. Para poderlo utilizar correctamente es necesario enlazarlo a una pasarela de pago. Recordamos que la pasarela de pago es la que realmente procesa el cobro. Revisa todas las pasarelas de pago integradas aquí.

¿Cómo se procesan las virtual cards ( - Expedia) a través de Avantio Payments?

El sistema reconoce la virtual card y la procesarà automáticamente según la fecha efectiva de cobro. El cobro se automatizará el día que la tarjeta virtual sea disponible para cobrar. (Indicado en la reserva por "Fecha de cobro efectivo”).

¿Cómo se procesan las reservas de Airbnb a través de Avantio Payments?

El sistema distinguirá las reservas por el método de pago y el canal de venta. Todas las reservas que se cobren por el portal (como es el caso de Airbnb) y tengan la opción “Cobrado por el portal” marcada en el desglose de pagos no se automatizarán por Avantio Payments. 

Nota: asegúrate de tener bien configurada esta opción en el apartado “Cómo se cobran las reservas” en el Channel Manager - configuración del canal.


¿Cuáles son los tiempos de sincronización entre notificación y cobro?

Para los cobros programados se enviará una notificación al cliente a los 30 minutos y el cobro se realizará una hora después. Podrás elegir la hora la hora de cobro directamente en la configuración del módulo. La hora de cobro se aplicará a todos los pagos programados excepto a los primeros que son configurados "al reservar" y se cobrarán en el momento de la reserva.

Si cobro una reserva por mi TPV, ¿puedo hacer la devolución a través de Avantio Payments?

No, las transacciones cobradas por el TPV físico se deben de volver de la misma manera. Siempre las operaciones de entrada de dinero deben tener la salida (devolución) por la misma vía.


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Compatible With the Following Payment Gateways:

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With a variety of up to 9 gateways to choose from

The first PMS and Channel Manager connected to 9 Gateways 

  • Syspay
  • Stripe
  • Comercia Global Payment
  • Ascent
  • Ingenico Financial Solutions

  • Amazon Payment Services
  • Axerve
  • Redsys
  • First Atlantic Commerce

And soon more gateways only with

  • Set-up your charges, refunds and deposits of your direct bookings and incoming reservations from other portals. 
  • Choose the date and time you want to perform your payments and notify your guests. 

  • Select multiple payment flow options for failed payments.
  • Configure quickly and easily payment reattempts. 
  • Check-out through a single view all your payments status

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